A conversation with Yasmin Karimi on how she built her incredibly successful beauty brand 

Yasmin Karimi is a two-time graduate, former lawyer, acclaimed makeup artist, television personality and founder & CEO of an established beauty brand and concierge service. 

In early 2014 after realising her true passion Yasmin found the courage to leave the corporate rat race and focus all of her time and passion into her dreams.  

The eponymous ‘Yasmin Karimi’ was established, and the rest, as she says, is history. 

Specialising in treatments on body skin and hair, hair loss, acne, pigmentation and much more, she is with us today to talk you through seven steps that lead her to build the successful beauty brand that is Yasmin Karimi

If there is one thing that Yasmin would like everyone to take away from this Masterclass, it is to always focus on yourself; your mind and your mental health, which includes your sleep cycles, your food intake and work-life balance to ensure that you as the founder remain the strongest and most inspiring person in your business, and can continue running a successful team.