Selling your bag (or other luxury items) with us couldn't be simpler. We have three selling options. Choose the best pre-loved luxury bags consignment option for you and then complete the form below.


This is the simplest way of selling, and ideal if you want to sell quickly. You can either post your used designer bags for consignment to us or bring it into our shop. Then, we inspect and authenticate* it and give you our final offer. As soon as you accept our offer, we will immediately make payment. If you're looking to make room for your next luxury purchase or need a fast-payment service, we can help. Our aim is to always offer a fair and competitive quote.


This is a win-win, everyone gets a new bag. Yay! As with selling, you can either post your item to us or bring it to our shop. We inspect and authenticate* it and give you our final offer. In addition, you just need to let us know which bag you want. (Hmmm, that’s the hard part!) And, as we love swapping, you might find you’ll get a little more than you thought for your bag, to put towards your next piece.


The first part of the process is the same as selling to us. Post your item to us or bring it to our shop and we'll inspect and authenticate* it. Then, we offer your item on our website at market value. We will pay you the sale price minus commission (this is 35% of sale price for items up to £2,999, 28% for items from £3,000 £4,999 and 18% for items above £5,000). Payments are made approximately 14 days after the item is sold.

*Please note:
Our experts inspect and authenticate every item offered for sale or swap via Luxury Promise. If an item does not pass our quality control or is found to be inauthentic, it is the owner's responsibility to arrange for it to be collected.

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