Luxury Promise is proud to be a sponsor of the Cash & Rocket 2022 sustainability tour. The Cash & Rocket mission aligns with our core values at Luxury Promise, to promote sustainability in culture and practice. Through our participation in Cash & Rocket, we aim to fundraise for causes we truly believe in that will help support underdeveloped sections of society to nurture the next generation of conscientious customers.


Cash & Rocket was founded in 2011 with a vision of creating a united community of like-minded, powerful women whose common goal is to strive for equality through education.

Each year, 80 international women drive in 40 red cars to create a vision of strength and solidarity among women. Their mission each year is to raise money for charities focusing on changing the world by providing safety and education to women and children in need.


Sumbandila is an organization which provides merit scholarships to exceptional children in the Limpopo region of South Africa, which is ranked amongst the poorest regions of country.
Sumbandila aims to find determined children from extremely deprived rural backgrounds and take them on an eight-year educational journey, with the long-term goal of creating leaders and entrepreneurs who can effect much-needed change in our society and economy.

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The Helen Bamber Foundation is a pioneering Human Rights charity supporting refugees and asylum seekers who are the survivors of extreme human cruelty. The people they work with have been subjected to atrocities including state-sponsored torture, human trafficking, religious and political persecution, forced labour, sexual exploitation, gender-based and ‘honour-based’ violence.

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The Spanish Red Cross (Cruz Roja Española) is an organization that promotes social welfare and support through their many projects, from humanitarian aid, social inclusion and environmental protection to focusing on accessibility to education and personal health, the Red Cross aims to protect and enrich the value of human life.

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Luxury Promise X ECOLOGY


Our mission at Luxury Promise is to make luxury sustainable and accessible. We’re proud to be pre-owned. It’s the smart choice for so many reasons, and (in our opinion) the most important one is that it drastically reduces waste. The fashion industry is a major polluter and contributor to landfill, but not the way we do it. We’re all about slow, not fast, fashion here, repairing, restoring and re-homing amazing pre-loved pieces. We champion responsible luxury shopping, and future generations will thank us for it.

But we don’t believe that this is enough: we’re always learning and looking to do more. We take our responsibility to our global community seriously. That’s why in 2021 we’re partnering with climate positive collective, Ecologi. As members of Ecologi we’ll offset the carbon emissions of our employees to create a climate positive workforce. By planting trees, preserving natural habitats and supporting clean energy initiatives around the world Luxury Promise is striving to do better.

And you can join us! Every time you shop with us you will have the option to sponsor the planting of an extra tree, for just £0.74. (It’s a simple option when you checkout.) It’s a win-win, and we’re so excited to be part of it. You can also sign up to Ecologi here and see what else you can do. 


  We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi