Lisa-Marie Graham is with us today to speak about how to eat well during a pandemic, and in the future too. 
First and foremost Lisa-Marie is a sports therapist and personal trainer, but she is also an elite pro bikini fitness athlete.  
It is the combination of her work as a trainer and therapist and as a professional bodybuilder that has shaped her process for body transformations, though bespoke nutrition and exercise plans. 
Today she is here to go through four main points that will guide you on personal journey of becoming a healthier and thus fitter version of yourself. 
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Two very common errors that many women make when trying to change their body is engaing in too much cardio,  often results in depleting the body, adrenal fatigue, high levels of fat storing cortisol and lower ratio of muscle to fat, and not eating enough food. This may enable short term, results, but long term can decrease the metabolism, leading to more and more extreme measures being required to gain the same effect. 




Lisa-Marie tracks the individual macronutrients consumed in your diet and recommends to keep these consistent on a daily basis.  This is manipulating and being consistent with the split, of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in your daily intake.



A nutrition plan will be unique and different for each individual, and must work for their lifestyle for it to be sustainable, and Lisa-Marie believes in programming for a change in lifestyle, not a quick fix! 



Lisa-Marie believes that you do not need to be extreme; you just need to be consistent. Consistently move and train

A diet should be a balance of all the vital food groups and nutrients, and Lisa-Marie doesn’t work on excluding food groups 

Training for strength will allow the aesthetic results to follow.  A diet rich in lean protein and moderate in complex carbohydrates and healthy fats will fuel your body effectively to develop lean muscle. 



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