A Masterclass on Chanel Authentication with Winnie

Most of you will be familiar with Winnie, the Commercial Director at Luxury Promise.

With over 10 years of experience within the pre-loved and luxury good industries,  it is safe to say that she knows what she is talking about. A real expert in her field, Winnie is your go-to if you are wondering whether that bag you picked up in that vintage boutique is a real gem, or in fact a fake. 

If you are buying a Chanel bag from a market place or vintage store that may not guarantee authenticity, like we do at Luxury Promise, remember to keep these four points in mind before making a purchase.

Fake bags are so much more common than you might think, and are circulating online and into our wardrobes, often exchanging into the hands of unknowing and innocent shoppers and fashion-lovers.

Buying a handbag is always an investment, and Chanel especially holds its value! So here's to making you a professional at authenticating!

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Can this be a multiple choice, like the sustainability video please? INCLUDING BRANDING / GRAPHICS FOR THE WORK PAGE  

  1. The colour of an authentic Chanel bag, compared to a fake bag is;
    • Usually the same 
    • Slightly lighter in shade
    • Slightly darker in shade
    • Shinier and brighter 
  1. A real Chanel bag is of course crafted from leather, what material is a fake bag usually made from?
    • PU/ PVC
    • Cheaper leather 
    • Sometimes fabric or cotton 
    • Mylo leather 
  1. Which of these statements is correct?
    • PU leather when cut has a very neat and clean finish 
    • Leather should have wrinkles and not be smooth
    • Leather frays slightly and has a fuzzy edging
    • All of the above 
  1. What is the stitching count on a real Chanel bag?
    • Approximately 21 stitches in 8cm 
    • Approximately 28 stitches in 8cm 
    • Approximately 38 stitches in 12cm 
    • Approximately 25 stitches in 12cm
  1. What are the signs of an authentic Chanel Chain?
    • The chain is shiny 
    • The gold is brushed matt tone gilding 
    • The hardware is black tone not ruthenium 
    • All of the Above 

6.  What element of the bag shows the craftsmanship and quality and is often called the ‘backbone of a bag’ ?

    • The Chanel Logo 
    • The Authenticity Card
    • The Lining 
    • The serial number 

7. Which of the below are signs of an authentic serial number?

    • Two CC Copyright
    • CHANEL to the right of the sticker
    • Faint cross hatch 
    • Stickers have a glitter finish to them when you hold them up to the light 
    • All of the Above