Now reading: ‘WIMB’ Featuring @bettyzhy

‘WIMB’ Featuring @bettyzhy

From seeing what handbag they carry to the contents inside, I think everybody loves a ‘What’s In My Bag’ post (also commonly known as ‘WIMB’). So it made perfect sense to introduce this style within Luxury Edit. 
Within today’s post, the jet set traveler, Hermès collector and overall wonderful being Betty Zhang (@bettyzhy) takes us through what she carries in her Birkin 25cm. So let’s begin;
Betty: “This is Betty here and I so so appreciate I can share my “what’s in my bag” with you! For now I am using Birkin 25 in Togo Noir.”
Courtesy of @bettyzhy
Betty: “Usually I used the small size 20 FOURBI pound for my organic my stuff. I have a cell phone, Air pods, charger cable, small pill case ,some daily supply and pens.“
- ”One card case ,one wallet, two change purse,all from Hermès Ostrich E5. And one card holder with two cutie horses.”
Courtesy of @bettyzhy
Betty: “And also I bring a tote bag, a small pouch and a tape (if I want to buy something for my friend or someone I don’t know their size I can use the tape) just in case if I go to supermarket cause I go green. And these three are all from Hermè petith the little H.“
Courtesy of @bettyzhy
Betty: “For my face care I will bring a powder, a  spray mist all from Lamer. And my daily supply and my lip care its a Japanese brand named POLA. Also, I will have tissues, comb travel size perfume and toothpicks (something like that).”
Courtesy of @bettyzhy
Betty: “Here it is my daily carry within my bag. 
- Sincerely,
Betty “ 
Thank you so much @bettyzhy for sharing with us what you carry inside your Birkin! 
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