Now reading: Hermès Leather Guide Part 1: The Classics

Hermès Leather Guide Part 1: The Classics

Hermes Leather Guide Part 1: The Classics:

At the core of Hermes, is it leathers. Initially began by producing leather equestrian apparatus, it then developed into handbags, accessories, outerwear, homeware and custom orders such as the interiors of luxury car, like Bugatti and Pagani. Within this blogpost, I will be directing your attention to the classic leathers that Hermès has to offer and exploring what makes them so special and treasured by many. So let’s begin with the first one;


An incredibly luxurious calf skin leather, that is blemish free holding a natural shine of gloss. Due to its oil absorbing qualities, it is therefore scratch and water resistant (can be gently buffed out) but does gradually develop a patina over time. With its robust nature, you can understand why it is favoured in the making of saddles and other equestrian paraphernalia. 

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Box Calf:

One of the oldest leathers in the Hermes archives, It is know to be extremely smooth to touch with a refined luster appearance. Due to its delicate nature, it is more prone to show visible signs of scuffs, scratches and water marks. Some collectors recommend to be mindful when using a bag with this type of leather. But please don’t let this fear you. In some cases, (when wear is visible) these ‘blemishes’ not only blend well overtime but tell a story of the bags history, adding a subtle charm.

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An elegant fine grained leather, that is soft to feel  and luxuriously beautiful to look at. It is prone to scratches although the most (depending on the size and how deep the scratch is) can be buffed out. The positive side of this porous leather is that is absorbs bright colourful dyes perfectly well. Others may of recognise this type of leather as ‘Gulliver’ which was manufactured before 1999.

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Adored by collectors globally, Togo is a leather that comes from a baby calfskin. Due to its fine grained texture and firm structure it is less prone to scratches, making it appropriate for daily use.

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Another leather that is excellent at absorbing bright colourful dyes. It is buttery to touch and upholds confidently (with a slight slouch) with some collectors discussing great similarities to Box Calf, the main difference that Evercalf is even more softer to touch. 

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Coming from the same lineage as Evercalf, it has been noted to hold a peaceful stamped texture of fine grained leather, that is delightful to not only to touch but also view. On the arrival of an unwanted scratch or mark it can be buffed away. 

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Similar to Togo, Epsom is a leather that is treasured by many. Due to its embossed leather it gives a rigid and structured character which intern makes it more resilient to scratches, easier to clean and also lightweight to wear. With these main points, you can understand why so many people adore it in bags and accessories. 

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Being first introduced in the 1980’s, it has soon become one of the most loved leathers from Hermès. Being simply made from Veau Taurillon Clemence (baby bull) it is a durable, heavy and grainy leather that does soften and becomes slouchy overtime. The main cautions are to be careful around water, as it could potentially cause blisters. If the corners starts to crack due to the nature of the grain of leather and weight, it is advise to get it refurbished. 

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Mysore Chevre:

Being made from goat hide, it is completely resistant to scratches and due to its light weight qualities it makes it easier to handle. Chevre Mysore has a more refined grain than its other family member, Chevre de Coromandel, thus making the grain more visible and luxurious to feel. 

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Within the next following blogposts we will take a look at less known and exotic leathers by Hermès.


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