Luxury Handbags and Cleaning Repairs

Our in-house team of specialist Technicians have decades of experience and worked on the worlds’ leading luxury brands such as Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton. From cleaning and protection, hardware and stitch work, as well as colour change and customization -- whatever your needs are, we will have a solution to refresh, upcycle and restore your bags.

  • All our work is backed by our 12 month warranty*
  • We guarantee our labour, hardware installation and stitching.
    *subject to natural or consumer wear and tear
Free delivery
  • All our restoration services include a free UK delivery service.
Valuation and Authentication
  • When you use our restoration services we include a complimentary valuation service and authentication, at Luxury Promise we only work on 100% authentic products.
Free Leather Protection
  • Our work also includes a complimentary top up service where we apply a leather protection cream against dye transfer which lasts 6 months.
Stitching | Edging | Corner Touch up

From loose stitching to stitch reinforcement, our in house team can also do scuffs and scratches, rips & tears to colour loss, worn edges, split piping and more-- we have an extensive range of handbag repair services to suit the needs of all handbags.

Prices start at £45, with an approximate turnaround time of 2-3 working days.

Stitching from £45

Piping Edging from £125

4 corner touch up from £210

Zips | Lining Replacement | Handle Replacement

From broken zips and zip replacement to worn edging, exposed piping, or a total rehaul and refurbishment of your treasured designer bags, our technicians will restore your bags to their former glory.

Prices start at £75, with an approximate turnaround time of 1-2 week.

Zips from £75

Lining replacement from £200

Handle from £100

Makeup | Soiled | Stains

Makeup marks and stubborn stains are annoying accidents that every girl has experienced on their favorite bag. Our in-house treatment will clean the bag until now further improvement.

Prices start at £70, with an approximate turnaround time of up to 3 working days

Bag Spa | Colour Change

Has your bag seen better days? Or would you like a complete colour change? Our full Bag Spa service includes total leather restoration, inside and out your bag will be fully restored by our in-house technicians using the best specialist equipment. Or if you fancy a complete colour change, we can custom match any colour to suit your needs.

Bag spa starts from £480 with a turnaround time of upto 3 weeks.

Chanel and Hermes from £525

Other brands £480

Other Service

Looking for something that is not listed? Drop us an email we have a wide extensive range of services and are always happy to help.

Simply fill out a form and our Restoration Team will aim to get back to you within 48 hours.

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