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5 Best Accessories for the Modern, Stylish Man

Will Smith (aka Agent J) putting on his cool shades was definitely a highlight of “Men in Black,” the 1997 blockbuster film. It is one of the must-see scenes of that movie.

Watching the latest James Bond film also means looking out for the stylish wristwatch he’s sporting. No one can take their eyes off the modern, classy design timepiece he wears whenever it makes an appearance.

These scenes show the vital role accessories play in helping men look so dapper and elegant that they stand out in any place and occasion.

Wearing the right pre-owned designer accessories, therefore, is a must if you want to look your best regardless of what you’re wearing and where you’re going.

The Complete List of Accessories for the Dapper Man

If you want your closet and drawers to be filled with the right accessories to put on whenever you go out, ensure you have the following in your collection:

1. Belt

A belt is more than just an accessory you use to hold your pants up. With the right style and design, it can bring your entire outfit together.

If you wear suits regularly, you need to have one or two men’s leather and suede dress belts. This accessory is a must for power and formal suits. However, you can also use a belt for casual outfits since it can break up their monochromatic look.

On the other hand, a woven belt can help smarten up a casual outfit. Additionally, it can give your suit a more laid-back look and vibe.

A woven belt can also add texture and style to your favorite shorts.

2. Tie

Although some men are comfortable wearing suits without a tie, you may want to skip this trend.

A suit without a tie is simply an incomplete attire.

A tie makes a suit look and feel classier without overdoing it. It gives you a sophisticated vibe that says you take pride in how you dress.

The great thing about ties is that there are numerous patterns you can choose from. As such, you’ll have something to wear that complements your suit and makes it appropriate for any place and occasion.

For formal events, you need a bowtie to elevate your suit. This accessory will make you look effortlessly dapper, too.

3. Sunglasses

Like belts, sunglasses are functional and stylish fashion essentials. They protect your eyes and make you effortlessly cool and smart.

If you like designer sunglasses, you won’t go wrong with getting different styles so that you can wear the most appropriate pair for every occasion.

Aviators and wayfarers are versatile sunglass styles that you can wear anytime, anywhere. Opt for neutral-colored pairs since they give you a touch of elegance and laidback air.

If you already have these staple, timeless pairs, experiment with colors and textures to diversify your eyewear collection.

4. Watch

Although you may rely on your mobile phone to stay on schedule, looking at your wristwatch is still the fastest way to tell time.

A wristwatch is the best accessory with the perfect balance between practicality and fashion. The right watch can give you more than the time; you can find one with various complications, including alarms, timers, GPS, and moon-phase displays.

Wristwatches come in so many different styles and designs that you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. For one, a sports watch is perfect for your casual outfits.

On the other hand, a dress watch should be your go-to accessory to pair with your formal and power suits.

When choosing which watch to wear, focus on the material instead of picking the one that complements your outfit. A wristwatch with a canvas strap is best for warmer months since the material is not too hot on the skin.

On the other hand, watches with leather straps tend to get sticky and sweaty during the hot season, so save them for the cooler months.

5. Bag

This accessory is a must if you carry a lot of things to work daily. A used Hermes bag is also handy for your other day-to-day activities if you don’t want to stuff your pockets with your mobile phone, wallet, keys, and other essentials.

There are many types of bags worth collecting, but having the ones below is a good start:

  • Backpack – With its different styles, designs, fabrics, and sizes, you can have a backpack suitable for daily wear, a rugged companion for your sporting activities, and one for your getaways.
  • Messenger or satchel bag – Modern messenger and satchel bags come in different sizes. This means that you can get one big enough for your laptop and a smaller one for your essentials.
  • Laptop bag – You don’t have to stick with the bag your laptop came with; shop for one that you can pair with your outfits and comes with different compartments to hold everything you need to bring when you go out.

While shopping for bags, consider updating your wallet as well or simply getting another one. This accessory allows you to keep your money and credit, debit, and ID cards in one place conveniently and safely, even if you put it in your back pocket.

A wallet is also another stylish accessory that can elevate your outfit.


There are other accessories you can also get to put together a more stylish outfit whenever you go out. However, you won’t go wrong with getting these five first so you can be the ultimate eye-catching dapper man you’ve always wanted to be.

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