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Welcome everyone to this new segment for Luxury Promise called ‘Club Hermès News’. Curated by Bradley from @ClubHermesParis on Instagram, I will be exploring everything associated with the 18th century house of Hermès through a series of blog posts. For this first post, it felt fitting to look into the history of three understated bags from Hermès. So let’s begin with number one..

1:  Picotin  

The Picotin is a classic, sleek and minimal bag but with a rich history. First being produced in 1900, this was inspired by the nosebag for a horse to be able to feed whilst walking. It was designed with the importance of a high trapezoid shape, so riders could carry their equestrian paraphernalia with ease. Fast forward to present day, the shape hasn’t changed nor has the raw edges and zero lining but the materials and usage has. The most common sizes are; 18cm, 22cm and 26cm - there is also a size 12cm in circulation as well. The most popular leathers it comes in are Clemence and Togo. With it also coming in exotics skins of crocodile, Ostrich and lizard. As well as Suede, which can be seen below in the photo & is currently available to purchase from Luxury Promise. 

Courtesy of @LuxuryPromise.

2: Constance

Designed in 1959, by Catherine Chaillet, who was an in-house designer for Hermès. The bag received its name in honour of her fifth child, Constance, (apparently) who was born the same day that the very first bag was completed or entered the boutiques. Now 60 years on and the bag is still treasured than ever, with the sizes ranging from the Micro (14cm), Mini (18cm), (24) and Cartable (29cm). Worth to mention that there are three discontinued sizes; 23cm, 25cm and 29cm. In addition, It comes in a wide variety of leathers from Epsom, swift, Chevre Mysore, Fauve Barenia, Ostrich, Crocodile and many more. The details on the Constance is simple but effective, with a ‘H’ shaped fastener located on the front and an adjustable strap to suit all needs - held by the side or worn crossbody. Picture below is from @j_que_ and is a beautiful Hermès Constance 24cm in Gris Mouette, Epsom leather with gold hardware. Constance 24cm in Gris Mouette, Epsom leather with gold hardware.

Credit: @j_que_  Link:

3: Jypsiere :

Known as the Birkin messenger to some, the Jypsiere was first introduced in the A/W 2008 collection by Jean Paul Gaultier. It was inspired after a hunting satchel, where Gaultier states that it is “a functional, nonchalant bag slung across the shoulder, combined with the iconic details of the Hermès bags”.  Eleven years on and the bag is still going strong, being made in four sizes; 28cm, 31cm, 34cm and 37cm. Mostly being crafted out of Togo or Clemence leather there are some exotic circulating too. Seen below is a beautiful Jypsiere 28cm in Matte Croc Gris Elephant from @mrslulu3 - Thank you for sharing with us!

@mrslulu3 - 


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