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Three New Hermès Bag Charms

Hermes has developed its range of accessories for their handbags throughout the years, from Rodeo’s to Twillies, Padlocks and a whole unique range within Petit H, it gives the opportunity for collectors to personalise their bags to them. Within this blogpost, I will be directing your attention to three new bag charms that are being introduce into the collection.. 


The first one being the Roo Roo Tiger Charm. 

Crafted from Agneau leather, making it durable but also soft and buttery to touch. Some of these Roo Roo charms have been seen with three colour ways (pictured below). For example the tiger charm in the picture courtesy by @twtreasures is in the colour way of ‘Pain D'epice, Bleu de malté and Rose Azalee’. It’s incredible the level of craftsmanship within these charms! 

Courtesy of @twtreasures 

Courtesy of @happybaggage 

The second thrilling charm to have been released is the ‘Sac Orange” charm. This playful take on the classic Hermès shopping bag will add an abundance of colour to any bag. Again, made from Agneau (lamb) leather in the colour Feu Orange and Gold. It’s definitely a timeless piece. 

Courtesy of @bettyzhy

Courtesy of @bettyzhy

Now, finally the most coveted charm out of them all. The Micro Kelly bag Charm, being crafted from Agneau leather it has appeared in Noir, blue, pink and a few other neutrals. With them all having  a Twilly tied around their mini handle, it’s just so adorable! More recently, this Micro Kelly charm has been sighted in Crocodile leather, which sparks the idea that it might eventually come in a variety of non and exotic leathers?!.. the future looks very bright and exciting for the charm world within Hermès. 

Courtesy of @jasper.xu 

Courtesy of @jasper.xu 

If you’re looking for more bag charms, specifically Hermès check out the range on offer at . From Rodeos to Padlocks, you most definitely won’t be disappointed. 


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