Now reading: Luxury Promise’s guide on how to spot a fake Hermès Birkin

Luxury Promise’s guide on how to spot a fake Hermès Birkin

The Birkin bag is one of the most expensive bags in the world, known to be the Elite of all bags, but yet there are so many fake Birkin bags out there. The question is how do we distinguish between a real and a fake.

Step 1: Price

The price is usually the beginning point. Often if it is too good to be true, it usually is. A Birkin owner is usually a savy owner and most often know the value of their bag.
A new Birkin will be resold at double the RRP. Even a used Birkin will often be sold at more or the same as the retail price.

Step 2: Shape

Fake Birkins

Look at the shape of the bag. The bag should stand neat and pronounced. The bag should not be slouching or bulging in places. Most importantly the stitching on the Birkin will be neat and tight. No loose threads should show. Also one must remember that all Birkin’s are hand made and not made by machine. The stitching on a Birkin is saddle stitching which is cross back and forth.

Step 3: Leather

The leather used to make a Hermès Birkin will be the finest, not cheap or poor quality. You will be able to smell the aroma of the leather. For example Togo leather will be soft to touch and should have a heavenly aroma.
The left side of the image above shows the difference between a real Orange Birkin Togo Leather, which has a larger grain compared to the right side of the image (fake brown Hermes Birkin).

Step 4: The Hermès Dust bag

Real Hermès Dustbag on the left, fake on the right

Firstly there should always be a Hermès dust bag with a brand new Birkin. However if it is a used Birkin then there could be a possibility that the dust bag has been misplaced.
The dust bag will also made from a high quality and will have a high, neat stitch count.
The colouring of the dust bag should be light beige or orange with a dark brown Hermes Logo. Often fake dust bags are of a grey colour and have burgundy coloured stamp. The drawstring on the dust bag should be brown and made from 100 per cent cotton.

Step 5: Stamp

Real on the left, fake on the right. Note the font used.

All Hermès Birkins will have a stamp which indicate two things. The age which will be in a square with a letter and a number ID which will ID the artisan.
The stamping should be neat and hard. On a fake it tends to be faint and weak.

Step 6: Hermès Logo

Real logo on left, fake logo on right

 When reading the Hermès Logo it should read Hermes Paris Made in France in the front of the Birkin in a neat and clear font. It should not be irregular like that of a fake. The font should also not be effected by the texture of leather.

Step 7: Hermès Hardware

Real logo stamp on left, fake on right. Please note the font used.

The engraving on the hardware will be thin and refined. One the fake Birkin it tend to be thick and deeper. This is also evidenced on the engraving on the padlock.

We hope that this guide helps you identify a fake Hermès Birkin. If you have any further questions on how to identify a fake Birkin then please feel free to contact us. And remember if you have doubt then do not buy. It is worth waiting for.

Some photos courtesy of  ChloeTrends.