Interview with Hermès Collector @Medinazein

1) We would love to hear more about your first ever designer purchase?
Medina: “The first designer brand i bought was Chanel classic jumbo.”
2) Why did you get into collecting handbags? 
Medina: “Maybe it’s because i love bags so much. I intentionally collect some bags at home so i can display them in my walking closet. It’s just so satisfying to see them stay in their place before bed. Best feeling ever.”
 Courtesy of @medinazein
3) If you had to suddenly evacuate your home which bag would be the one you take with you?


Medina: “Tough question, but I’d go with my Hermes birkin.”

Courtesy of @medinazein 
4) Birkin or Kelly and why?
Medina: “Kelly! Simply because it’s so easy to carry. And you can move here and there freely.”
5) The bag you regret buying?
Medina: “Hmmm, maybe it will be the other brand than Hermes because I personally think it can’t be invested. If it could the price won’t be as high Hermes. But again I try to not regretting things I buy especially Bags.”
Courtesy of @medinazein 
6) Your top tips on buying luxury goods? How do you financially plan for your next purchase?
Medina: “Lean your eyes on a good design yet functional bag. And the next step is find something rare. Again, it’s for the investment.”
Thank you Medina for sharing your thoughts with us. 
Until next time, 
@ClubHermesParis X
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