How We Can Help You Declutter

Today we've decided to not only give you tips on how to declutter, but also on how you could turn your wardrobe into cash! 

Decluttering is basically the art of getting rid of things that you no longer use or need anymore. With our hectic schedules and busy lifestyles, it can be tricky to find the time to declutter effectively. So let's take this time in solitude to our advantage and follow our top tips to decluttering.

  1. Lay everything out:

And when I say everything, I mean everything! This is a good way of keeping track of everything you possess and examine every item thoroughly before you move to the next step which is labelling the items. 

     2.  Label. Label. Label.

So we suggest to label your items in three piles: "TOSS", "KEEP", "SELL" and "MAYBE" (if you're as indecisive as me).

"TOSS": Throw away the items that are ripped/stained, or items that you haven't worn/used in a long time. 

"KEEP": Keep items that you still use, but try to coordinate them by colour and style so that it is easier for you to find them and visually more appealing. 

"SELL": And here is where we come in handy. Pile up the items that you would like to give away and separate them by items. So for example, bags alone, shoes alone, clothes alone and accessories alone. And then sort them by value and sell the items that are valuable and the rest can be donated to charity. At Luxury Promise, we offer different ways in which clients can sell their unwanted goods so this could be worth checking out in order to turn your goods into instant cash! 

"MAYBE": For all you indecisive humans, it must be hard getting rid of some items especially if they have intrinsic value. For example, a sweater that your grandmother knitted for you when you were 12 or shoes you wore to your first job interview. These can all go in the "MAYBE" pile (it's okay to have one). In addition to all the items that you don't wear but might come in handy one day. 

*Useful questions to ask yourself*

  • Will I ever wear/use this item again?
  • Does this item have any nostalgic value attached to it? 
  • Is it in good condition? Does it still fit? 
  • Is it still trendy?

     3.  Do not mix seasons

Jackets and bikinis shouldn't sit together. Always make sure you separate your clothes/accessories by seasons. This will make it easier especially if your traveling somewhere and need to pack accordingly. 

     4.  Shop sustainably 

As we are all aware that fast fashion is the second biggest polluter to the environment, it is time to make the shift and only shop sustainably. This does not have to mean that you are necessarily breaking the bank but more that you are investing in quality rather than quantity. Buying preloved items allows you to invest in quality at almost half the retail price. No brainer. 

     5.  Have fun!

Decluttering doesn't have to feel like a task! Put some music on and enjoy the process. Decluttering can also mean that you are letting go and making space for new things.

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