5 Steps To Stay Positive And Motivated

Here are our top tips on how to stay positive and motivated and how to use your time most effectively! 

1.  Getting ready for the day:

 People underestimate the power of getting ready properly to start their day. I find that if I start the day making the effort to make myself look good, then most likely I am going to leave the house also feeling good. I dress myself how I want to feel and this empowers me to take on the day and whatever challenges are thrown my way.

Preparing yourself, like how you would prepare anything to get the best possible outcome, is how I like to view it when it comes to getting ready. Preparation for a hard days work with a positive attitude.

 2.  Making a daily to do list:

 My absolute life-saving tip is to make a list first thing in the morning of everything that you need to complete by the end of the day. I enjoy doing so whilst drinking my morning coffee, and this really will change your day dramatically. I know exactly what I need to do everyday, even down to the small details such as going to the post office for a client, or sharing a post on Instagram. 

Once you have a list in front of you of everything that you need to complete, you have a better understanding of how to map out your time effectively, which takes us onto the next step…


3.  Mapping out your time:

 Having lots to do in a small amount of time can be overwhelming, which is why I like to plan my day around the time that I have to commit. This means that I am using my time as effectively and efficiently as I can in order to complete my tasks. 

Using your todays to do list, you can create a time map for the day, broken down into morning, lunch, and afternoon. Lunch is an allocated amount of time which you need to take to refuel yourself with food and hydration. Segregate the tasks you have to do into your morning or afternoon hours, and simply tick each task off as and when you complete it.

This is also a great way to see what you haven’t completed, which you can then start the following days to do list with the unfinished tasks. You could also then highlight these as a priority to complete first when building out your next day’s time map.


4.  Having a clear work space:

 Whether you are working from home, you have a desk in an office or you are jumping from coffee shop to coffee shop in the city, having a clear working space means no distractions from your work. Having an area which is clear of clutter and mess means you're fully focused on the tasks in front of you. Make sure to sit yourself in an areas with lots of light, somewhere which is comfortable and also good for your posture. Having a supportive chair if you work on a laptop is so important and people can really suffer from bad posture over time.

Having a designated area for work trains your mind into knowing that when you are in this area it is a time of focus. Try to refrain from working from your bed or sofa as these are areas for relaxing during out of work hours.


5.  The importance of a lunch break:

Taking a lunch break allows you the time to eat food, hydrate and refuel yourself. It is so important to stay well fed and hydrated in order for your brain to work most effectively (although a nice coffee really does the trick too!)

A short walk and some fresh air is also a great way to clear your mind from the morning, in preparation for the afternoon.

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