GPA Ambassador Sam Cook is with us today to introduce the Global Planet Authority and how we're about to save the biosphere 

In 2019 Angus Forbes wrote the book The Global Planet Authority, and has since set out to assemble the first team, to create a new movement to save the planet, for all humanity with all humanity. Order the book online using the below link to read up on how we are about to save the biosphere!
Sam Cook, board member of the GPA is with us today to explain the purpose of the Global Planet Authority, which is to orchestrate a vote from all global citizens to empower their respective elected governance and to apportion 3% of the GDP for a 10 year restoration plan.  
Solutions to restore the forests, rivers and fisheries, to how they were in the 1900’s, as the minimum objective. To leave in place a shepherding structure that maintains the planet to maximum biodiversity, for now and all generations to come. 
A governing body for all humanity. 
One Planet One Vote is a simple movement that can educate and nurture a common purpose that binds us all with a common goal. 
In turn enabling humanity to celebrate our differences.
Get in touch for more information and to become part of the Global Planet Authority.


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Re-Affirm your learnings form today’s masterclass and download the attached PDF which goes into further detail about the Global Planet Authority and their 10 year plan to save the biosphere for the ultra long term.

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