Would you rather buy Chanel or Hermes…

Does seeing the quilted designs from Coco Chanel or being presented a big orange box from Hermes realise your endorphins.
With the year on year price increases of Chanel the price of a maxi classic Chanel flap is now almost the price of small Birkin 25.
Of course you can’t just walk in and buy a Birkin but we all know how studies have shown that the Birkin is a better investment then stocks and gold.

While Chanel is also an investment for example in the year 2009 the medium classic flap cost around £1800 and today in the preowned market a good condition classic medium flap bag can be sold for around £2800. So you can still make money using a bag you love and may later tire off.

The same applies to an Hermes Kelly or Birkin for example. A vintage crocodile Hermes Kelly in the 1980’s would have cost around £800 and if still in good condition can be sold for £12,0000. The best thing about Hermes is that any product you buy from them can be revived as its the only brand in the world that has a bag spa. If for example the bag looses it shape and leather has worn, for £180 you can send it to the Hermes spa and give it new life. Whereas Chanel’s repairs aren’t as extensive.

Both bags and brands are iconic as well as investment pieces. However for Chanel the investment pieces really apply to the classic flap, boy bag, and some of the Minaudière. Where as with Hermes investment doesn’t just apply to the Birkin. It is the Kelly, Birkin, Constance, Herbag, Evelyn, in basic words pretty much every product they sell…