Luxury Promise is the first to introduce artificial intelligence in to the luxury industry.

This week has been very exciting for our Luxury Promise team with the pre launch of our new app and game.
The pre launch event of our new technology was held a the Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge, only a handful of selected people were invited to view and test our new technology.
We believe this new technology will be key to the luxury industry expanding and create a greater and easier user experience.

Pictured is the first promotional previews of our app. 

The luxury industry has always snail paced along in to the tech world with many key industry companies reluctant to join the tech age. Large fashion houses were even showing resistance to create online ecommerce platforms or ecom shops, but now with advances in technology clients are more sophisticated and conscious clients which is why its important to provide smarter services.

Luxury Promise will be the first Luxury company in the world to introduce artificial intelligence and virtual augmented reality within the luxury industry.

Pictured is promotional adverts of the new Luxury Promise app. 

We have integrated artificial intelligence into our app to create an overall easy user experience.

The definition of artificial intelligence is when machines can learn and problem solve like human minds do. The computer mimics human cognitive functions such as visual perception, speech recognition and decision making. As the machine takes in new information it is capable of learning and evolving.
The user interface for the Luxury Promise app is designed to be simple so even the tech-phobes will find it trouble-free to navigate.
Luxury Promise is also releasing a game which is using augmented reality to coincide with the app that will make user interaction more exciting. The game users will get the opportunity to turn their game points into real time rewards to use on the website and app.
Augmented reality is the technical term for software compatible with handheld devices such as smartphones and iPads that contain small digital projectors, compass and sensors that display images into real world objects and places in real time.
We are yet to release a launch date for the game but wait and see.
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