Top Five Must Have Hermès Arm-Candy Pieces

Within this blogpost we will focus your attention to five must have Hermès bracelets that every collector should have within their closet, shall we begin?.. 

Originally being named the ‘H bracelet’, it later changed to the more commonly known ‘Clic H’ or ‘Clic Clac’ (due to the sound it makes when the ‘H’ clasp is opened and closed). It comes in a wide variety of shades from seasonal tones to the classic monochrome’s. They are all enamel with the option to choose from Rose Gold, Gold or Palladium plated hardware. They are treasured by many and can transform any outfit. Here are some below: 

Courtesy of @Michaelkuluva 

Another recognisable piece of jewellery from Hermès is their Collier de Chien bracelet or ‘CDC’. The first stages of this bracelet materialised in 1927, when a “customer [was] looking for a belt to accessorize her outfits was especially drawn to the dog collar. The request inspired the house to create a belt decorated with four-faceted Médor studs and adorned with a ring. The purity of the belt’s lines and volumes eventually led to the creation of the iconic Collier de Chien bracelet.” (Source Hermè 

Courtesy of Luxury Promise - Hermès Black Collier De Chien S Bracelet, priced at £650. You can purchase straight from their website. 

Favourited by many globally, there is also another story which is always so permanent in my mind when I see the ‘CDC’... It is believed that a Parisian women once used her Collier de Chien to attach her dog lead so she could walk hands free.. We can’t confirm the validity of this source but it sure sounds so dashing right?! Again, this bracelet like the Clic Clac comes in a wide range of colours. Also with Gold, Rose Gold and Palladium plated hardware. Commonly comes in Box Calf leather it has also been created in exotic skins such as Ombrè lizard and crocodile. 

There are two bracelets within the Hermès collection that hold great inspiration from the 1930 Kelly Bag, specifically of the Touret claps. The first one is the Kelly double tour and the second is the Kelly Dog Cuff. Both of these come in Palladium, Gold and Rose Gold plated hardware, as well as a range of seasonal to classic shades. Coming in the common leathers such as Box calf, Swift and Barenia it has also been crafted in exotic skins such as crocodile (seen below), Ombré Lizard and Ostrich. 

Courtesy of @shoepursemomma ~ Classic Kelly Double tour with H Hour watch, both in Noir with palladium hardware.

Courtesy of @uchiula ~ Hermès Kelly Dog in Croc Braise with palladium hardware

Which is your favourite piece of Hermès arm candy? Or are you like me and love them all ! 
Until next time, 
@ClubHermesParis X 
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