Interview with a Collector: @Petitbunnii

1) We would love to hear more about your first ever designer purchase?

My first ever designer bag was a Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 I got with my savings from working part time during my Uni days. I was over the moon and used it almost everyday! 

2) Why did you get into collecting handbags? 

I developed my interest into designer handbags since I was at a young age. I was influenced by my Mum because she is a designer handbag lover herself and owned a collection of Louis Vuitton and Gucci bags. 

As for my Hermes collection, believe it or was my husband that got me into the brand. He told me that Hermes is the safest luxury brand to invest in and they keep their value. I still remember the time he stopped me from going into a Chanel shop during a trip in Europe and encouraged me to try my luck at a Hermes store in Munich. I left the store with my first ever Hermes bag, a Herbag! I have been collecting Hermes ever since and I guess he may be regretting now......

Here is @PetitBunnii first Hermès bag, a Herbag in brown. 

3) If you had to suddenly evacuate your home which bag would be the one you take with you? 

Can I grab two or three? Lol ....

 Courtesy of @petitbunnii

If I could only take one bag I will grab my Noir Kelly 25. I adore it and can’t imagine parting with it. 

( I could also put the K25 inside my Etain B30 and just go! LOL) 

 4) Birkin or Kelly and why?

Kelly. Now that I own a Birkin 25 and a Kelly 25, I must say I have grown into more of a Kelly girl. So much easier to have a bag with a shoulder strap, love to be hands free!

Hermès Kelly 32cm in Etoupe with Palladium hardware. Courtesy of @petitbunnii

5) The bag you regret buying?

I have had a few bag regrets....

One of them was the ‘Hermes mini Evelyne’ in Rose Azalee. I loved the size of the bag and the pretty shade of Pink.... but I am just not a ‘bright bag’ person. I only used it a couple of times before I decided to sell it. Since then I have learnt that I should just stick to buying bags in Neutrals ( my preference in colour). Understanding the science of ‘cost per wear’ and what I ‘truely love’ helps me with my luxury shopping decisions!

 6) Your top tips on buying luxury goods? How do you financially plan for your next purchase?

I am no expert but these couples years I have developed some rules I follow when it comes to shopping for luxury: 

- Know your personal style & don’t buy trendy pieces just because it’s in fashion/ popular (eg: I would choose a Lady Dior bag over a DIOR Saddle bag).

- Less is More ( buy less but save up the $$$ to invest in Classic/ Holy Grail bags) 

- Don’t buy luxury items just because they are on sale. I have made this mistake on repeat in the past, and end up I weren’t in love with the item I chose... and regretted... I declutter my luxury collection once every few months. It’s natural that we ‘ fall in love ‘ we also ‘ fall out of love’ with something.  If I don’t use a bag or an item for over 6 months I sell it. Not only I can make space for new items but also the neglected bag/ accessories can find a new loving home. The best thing is that I can recycle the money to financially plan for my next bag purchase!


Thank you @Petitbunnii for sharing your wonderful wisdom ! 


Until next time,


@ClubHermesParis X


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