Luxury Brands And Crisis Management

Amid the recent CoronaVirus outbreak Luxury Fashion Houses' such as LVMH have shared their concerns and their willingness to contribute to this global pandemic. The outbreak has created a huge deal of stress on health systems and supplies of basic items like hand sanitisers and disinfectant gels.

Due to the shortage of sanitisers and essential hygienic products, the fashion house pledged to produce and manufacture in house sanitisers in the form of hydroalcholic gel to be circulated to the public. 

In a statement, LVMH Chairman and Chief executive Bernard Arnault, declared that they will be producing and delivering hand sanitisers to the French Authority and hospitals free of charge to support the public. According to The Financial Times, LVMH have already started producing the three main ingredients to produce hand sanitisers in bulk. 


Courtesy of @Laureni/Instagram

Courtesy of LVMH/Instagram 

In addition, several other brands have also jumped on the bandwagon including  beauty conglomerate L’Oréal and Coty, which are also preparing their factories to produce additional disinfectant products.

Fast-fashion brands are also claiming responsibility such as Zara who has also started producing masks and hospital gowns in Spain, both for patients and medical workers. 

It's great to see how Luxury Brands are claiming social responsibility and lending a helping hand in this difficult time. 

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Courtesy of LVMH

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