Hermes And Its Selection Of Leathers

Hermes and its selection of leathers


Today we are going to be talking all about Hermes and its selection of leathers. Here are some very important details which are essential for you to know, before making that big purchase! Whether that be a Birkin, Kelly or Constance, these tips will help you find the leather which is best suited to your style and lifestyle…


Starting with Tadelakt leather, which has a very similar resemblance as box leather. Box Leather has a glossier finish, however Tadelakt leather has a similar smooth and soft finish to it. It is a grain-less leather with a slightly matte finish.



Box leather

Box leather Birkin’s and Kelly’s are very hard to come by and are a rare find in the resale market. If you come across one, they come with a hefty price tag! It is definitely on the upper end of the spectrum of cost to purchase out of all the Hermes leathers, however its beautiful silk appearance makes Box leather very special. Box leather is grain-less and glossy, and was one of the first leathers Hermes ever produced.


Epsom leather

Epsom leather has been compressed through a machine, leaving unique markings throughout. This leather is very flat and light due to the compression process it has gone through, and is also one of the cheaper leathers out of the Hermes selection. Epsom leather has more of a structure to it also like box and Tadelakt, however in our opinion Epsom is one of the most delicate leathers. It is very easily scratched due to the lack of flexibility and movement to the leather. Softer leathers you’ll find that they don’t scratch as easily due to the leather having less resistance in comparison to Epsom. Scratches typically show up more on this leather too. The bags however in this leather hold their shape very well and keep a good structure to them.

Chevre leather

Chevre is a leather made of goat skin, which typically showcases a line through the middle of the piece of leather. This is simply due to where the skin has sat upon the animal’s spine, which explains the very minimal change to the centre of the leather. Chevre has a slight shine to it and absorbs colour spectacularly. If you love a pop of colour and are looking to buy an Hermes bag in a brighter tone, Chevre depicts the most saturated and flawless colourful pieces. Chevre leather is grainy and flexible, resulting in less and more subtle scratches.


Clemence leather

Clemence leather is known for its larger grain and softer feel. Bags made of Clemence leather tend to be less structured and have more of a relaxed look to them. This particular type of leather is more flexible and floppier, which some people prefer to the more structured look of some of the other leathers. Clemence is a very durable leather because of its resistance against hard surfaces it comes into contact with, which means less scratches. This leather is particularly comfortable to wear and hold because of its flexible properties. Clemence is a leather which can be easily maintained, and also is a great material to revive during the Hermes Spa if need be.


Togo leather

This leather also has a grainy effect similar to Clemence, however its markings are slightly smaller and this leather can also showcase some veins throughout. Togo leather keeps its shape very well, particularly for the larger sized bags 35 and upwards. It is light and flexible which makes the bag more comfortable to wear and use. Togo is one of the most sought-after leathers of the Hermes leather family.


Swift leather

Swift leather has a soft and smooth finish, no grain and is particularly delicate. This leather usually comes in a size 25 piece or smaller pieces. It is one of the more flexible leathers, which means it is more resistant to scratching, but because of its grain-less smooth finish scratches tend to show up more. Swift leather is another leather which moulds easily to the body when holding it, which makes it more of a comfortable leather to use and wear. Swift is another great leather for its absorbance of colour.



*Also good to know*

Filling your bag up with too many things will cause your bag to stretch and lose shape. Stretching the skin gives a more slouched look to the structure of the bag, particularly with the softer leathers such as Clemence and Togo. Look after your bags and store them well when you aren’t using them. Keep the full set and store as you received the bag when it was box fresh and/or stuff the bag with tissue paper (not too much) and store in a dust bag in a room which isn’t too hot or exposed to sunlight. Hermes needs to be maintained and looked after!


Colour transfer is something that can happen when a bag is rubbing against a pair of jeans or a colourful item, and the dye is transferred onto the bag. Remember to be cautious when wearing your Hermes bag, and watch what items of clothing you are wearing to ensure that this doesn’t happen as it is really difficult to repair.

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