3 Designer Evening Bags That Will Elevate Your Ensemble

Sometimes, one tiny change can make a massive difference in how you look and feel. A genuine smile can illuminate your face and make your mood lighter. A smidgeon of red lipstick can make you glow and feel a bit braver. Additionally, an elegant handbag can transform your look from casual day to evening chic, transforming you from mellow Marcia to glamorous Greta.

Designer evening bags have this particular magic. Few designer brands have as much prestige and standing as Christian Dior. Read on for pre-owned Dior handbags that have the power to elevate your ensemble instantly.

1. Lady Dior Bag in Leather

Lady Dior is the House of Dior's iconic bag, with its beautiful, classic silhouette and the instantly recognisable Cannage motif topstitching.

Trivia: The Cannage motif is seen on many Dior products, including the Lady Dior handbag and its Cannage Montaigne collection. This distinctive pattern was inspired by the stitching on the rattan cane chairs that Christian Dior used as seats for customers and journalists on his first show in 1947.

Lady Dior comes in a range of materials, even satin. However, for timeless elegance, nothing can be better than Lady Dior bags in leather, particularly calfskin and lambskin.

There's no doubt that both the lambskin Lady Dior and the calfskin Lady Dior are sophisticated designer evening bag options. Either will complete your evening outfit and turn heads. So, which should you choose?

Between calfskin and lambskin, the lambskin Lady Dior shines in appearance and texture. It is a remarkably soft leather with an oh-so-luxurious look and feel. However, lambskin needs more care than calfskin. It's easier to stain and deform than calfskin, for one.

Yes, we know that any Lady Dior bag deserves your care and protection, but lambskin requires more of that care than calfskin. While the calfskin Lady Dior may look a bit matte and muted compared to the lambskin Lady Dior (and there's nothing wrong with ultramatte leather in a classically elegant handbag), the former will weather knocks and drops better than the latter.

Calfskin is also sturdier, so it's more likely to retain its shape through the years. This is an important consideration, especially when you're in the market for a used Christian Dior bag.

In the end, it's a matter of preference. We do recommend the calfskin in medium and large sizes. Larger-sized bags are designed to carry more stuff, so you want them to be all-weather and sturdy. Again, if you're shopping for secondhand Dior handbags, you may want to consider the calfskin variant.

If you really want the lambskin, you may want to get it in mini. That should let you savour the unique feel of lambskin leather, but in a smaller — and easier to care for — package.

2. Dior Saddle Bag in Leather

If you are into vintage Dior handbags, you probably know all about the Dior Saddle Bag. The Saddle Bag is one of the most popular handbags in the 2000s, and it made a comeback in 2018. The current Saddle Bag is a refreshed and updated version of the original, but it still has one of the easily most recognisable bag silhouettes in the world.

The Saddle Bag takes its name from its unique shape. The current version has a magnetic snap closure (the original had Velcro) and may now be equipped and customised with a long strap for more versatility. Other readily recognisable features include the magnetic “D” stirrup clasp, the "CD" signature that links the short handle (or strap) to the bag, and the gold-finish metal hardware.

The Saddle Bag comes in leather, jacquard and embroidery. While the jacquard and embroidery versions, particularly the oblique jacquard options, will make a compelling enough statement on an evening out, nothing can be more eloquent than the classic leather Saddle Bag.

The Dior Saddle Bag in leather comes in either grained calfskin or goatskin. The latter is more flexible and smoother, but the former is tougher and sturdier. If you love vintage Christian Dior handbags, the goatskin might satisfy your hankering for that vintage feel. However, the calfskin variant has a grained leather look that just breathes top-quality leather.

Regardless of which variant you choose, a Dior Saddle Bag — even a pre-owned Dior bag at that — will make a great addition to your evening wardrobe.

3. Dior Bobby Bag in Box Calfskin

The Bobby Bag is another classic from the House of Dior. Its smooth and classic lines are known the world over as a Dior signature silhouette. Wear something sleek and sophisticated, then pair it with this little hobo style bag made from box calfskin embellished with the CD signature and gold-tone hardware, and your evening should be all set.

The Bobby Bag in Box calfskin comes in different colours. The black one is the most classic option, of course, as it will pair with anything (something to consider when shopping for used Christian Dior handbags), but feel free to experiment. You can wear it crossbody style using the long leather strap or remove the strap and use the bag as a clutch.

Don't Want a Dior?

The Bobby, the Saddle Bag, and Lady Dior — you can't do better than these iconic Dior handbags. Any of these three will surely elevate your evening ensemble.

However, if you want more options, how about a handbag from Louis Vuitton, another world-renowned designer brand from the same group of companies — LVMH — that owns Christian Dior. Since Louis Vuitton makes such high-quality products, used Louis Vuitton purses can also upgrade your evening style.

Shop pre-owned Christian Dior handbags, buy pre-owned Louis Vuitton handbags or browse through our extensive collection of pre-loved designer handbags now.

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