How To Store Your Luxury Handbags

Who doesn't love splurging on a luxury handbag? But who hates it when they splurge on a luxury handbag and it gets damaged? 

The secret 99% of the time lies on how we store and keep these valuable items. Yes it is as easy as that! 

Luxury handbags are more valuable than we think. When you look at the resale value of some of these luxury handbags you will realise how valuable they are. It has become a common fact that some bags are investment pieces however the condition of these bags is what sets your ROI apart. 

We have established a few tips which can save you the horror of damaging your luxury items and maximise your investment return. 

  • Tip #1

So the first tip would be to always store your luxury handbags in dust bags rather than storing them bare in your closet. If you have purchased a preloved bag and it doesn't come with its original dust bag, you can use a laundry bag to make sure it is covered and stored safely. This will prevent any scratches or leaks on the bag. 

  • Tip #2

Our second tip would be to try and keep everything the bag comes with when you make ur initial purchase from the store. This tip especially applies to Hermès handbags as it could make a difference of up to £1,000 more on the resale price tag. So when we say everything, we mean the box, dust bag, rain cover, receipt, felts, and authenticity cards (in the case of other brands). 

  • Tip #3

Your bags don't need a tan. Exposing your bags to direct sunlight can affect the colour of the leather and sometimes even change it completely. It is important to store your bags in a dark and non humid environment. 

  • Tip #4

This tip applies mainly to Hermès bags but can also be useful for other bags as well. Always wear gloves when handling Hermès bags to avoid scratches or fingerprints on the leather. Hermès leather types tend to be very delicate and require extra attention.Long nails and sweaty finger tips can cause a permanent mark on your bag so just always remember to be extra careful. In addition, new Hermès bags usually come with transparent sticker seals on the hardware. It is ideal to keep the stickers intact on the hardware to protect from any scratches. 

  • Tip #5

Use a bag scarf or an Hermès Twilly around the handles of your bag to protect from damage. This will not only add a stylish touch to your bag, but it will also help keep it in good condition. 

  • Tip #6

Baby wipes are your friends. You can use baby/water wipes to remove stains or marks on leather. However, this tip does not apply to all kinds of leathers or bags so be sure to ask a bag expert before you do so.  

  • Tip #7

Be kind to your bags. Like everything in life, we need to look after the things we love, and our handbags should not be an exception to the rule. Use your bags wisely. Do not hold a Birkin if you are going hiking. Do not hold your favourite classic lambskin Chanel flap bag to the gym. Little steps like this make a big difference in the condition and the resale price as well.