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In the year 1930, Robert Dumas (father in law of Émile-Maurice, who’s grandparent was Thierry Hermès, the founder of Hermès) brought to life a small bag with straps for ladies, called the ‘Sac à dépêches’. Rumour has it that Dumas originally created the bag for his wife, although we can not confirm this it is for sure something beautiful to ponder over. 

It was during the year 1956, the Hollywood actress who later became the Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly, used the bag as a shield to cover her baby bump. As the picture circulated the world so did the bag, where it was eventually renamed the Kelly and as they say the rest is history...

Courtesy of Pinterest 

Handcrafted in the Paris workshop, it takes one artisan 18 to 24 hours to solely bring one Kelly bag to life. With this understanding it highlights its value & why it’s so appreciated by many worldwide. 

The overall anatomy of the Kelly bag is minimal, sleek and functional. With a trapezoid shape, two triangular gussets, a flap, top handle and generous room for storage. Seen below is a further breakdown of a labelled Kelly bag; 

In the diagram above is a Vintage Kelly bag 28cm in Pachemin Box leather from Luxury Promise.

In addition, it comes in two different styles; the Sellier (stitches are on the outside edges) and Retourne (stitches are on the inside edges). Below is a photo from @helenhandbag of her two different Kelly styles. 

Courtesy of @helenhandbags - To the left is a Kelly 28cm Retourne in Blue Hydra & on the right Kelly 28cm Sellier in Vert Vertigo. 

The sizing for the Kelly starts at 15cm (Micro Kelly) then 20cm (Mini, Mini II and Mini Shoulder Kelly), 25cm, 28cm, 32cm, 35cm, 40cm, 42cm (JPG shoulder Kelly) and 50cm (Voyage & Relax Kelly). 

It comes in a wide range of colours and leathers with the most popular being Togo, Epsom, swift, Chevrè and Box calf. As well as exotics skins (lizard, Ostrich and Croc) the Kelly bag has be formed in a wide range of unusual materials from wood, silver plate, silk, feathers and even bread - the list is endless! With the option now for collectors to participate in their own special order, it just reinforces how the kelly bag is constantly evolving but still remaining true to its core identity; a functional bag intended for energetic women and men of today.

Discover Luxury Promise’s collection of Hermès Kelly bags on their site. 

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