Established in Knightsbridge London, Luxury Promise is a premium marketplace for people all over the world to buy and sell their pre-loved luxury items from the comfort of their homes.

We’re the world's first resale platform to evaluate, authenticate, sell, and buy pre-owned designer bags and other pre-loved luxury goods using the most advanced artificial intelligence technology. Each item is carefully authenticated and checked by our team of expert authenticators going through a triple quality control.

The Luxury Promise 5-S Rule

Our aim and mission is to deliver our five-S rule. Safety, Security, Sustainability, Savings, and Shopping. And this leads to the very question why use Luxury Promise?

1. Safety: We provide a safe platform for people to buy and sell their luxury goods. Each buyer and seller is carefully checked, and every item undergoes our strict quality control to ensure the items are in the correct condition described and is authentic.

2. Security: By executing all the necessary checks and using safe payment portals, our members can buy and sell with us in safe and secure environment.

3. Sustainability: We allow people all over the world to recycle their wardrobes for cash. All items sold on our site are loved again with their new owners. We make a difference to the planet.

4. Savings: By using a safe, secure platform to buy a sustainable item you can receive up to 80% of Retail Price and save. Or simply turn your pre-owned designer accessories and wardrobe into cash and save.

5. Shopping: If you apply rules 1 to 4 you can shop guilt free! We provide a tailor made service for every buyer and seller. Giving everyone a VIP Service. At Luxury Promise we deliver a promise we can keep.  

Whether you are buying, selling, or swapping, experience a smooth, stress-free, and efficient transaction here at Luxury Promise.

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