(Grace used this term - the correct wording would have been ‘luxurious’ ? But Let’s stick with what she said to remain streamlined) 


As the youngest investor and one of the original team members at Luxury Promise, Grace is here to talk you through her personal wardrobe, and how she navigates boosting any look, and turning it into luxury. 


This is my four-step guide on how to look luxury for less 


  1. Finding a Staple Blazer 

Look into vintage blazers on market places, and have any size tailored. I always stay open to all sizes and styles, and wouldn’t rule out men’s pieces. 

Experiment with different colours and leathers, team with tracksuit bottoms, suit trousers or classic dresses for a put together look, wherever you go. 


  1. Love your Luxury Logos

A designer logo print will never go out of style, and guarantee turned heads wherever you go. 

The Louis Vuitton monogram design is a classic and has been around since the late 1800s, the Fendi Zucca print works well on tracksuits, baguette bags and scarves, and the Dior Oblique print is an all time celeb-go-to, that you can’t go wrong with


  1. Give a Girl the right pair of Shoes and she will conquer the world! 

Shoes really make an outfit, and I believe the designer footwear is an absolute must. If you’re not comfortable buying pre-loved shoes, outlet stores globally are an amazing place to buy luxury footwear


  1. Accessories Make the Outfit 

I would recommend investing in staple bracelets, cuffs and sunglasses, to elevate a plain look and turn it into something trendy and luxurious. Designer accessories not only hold its value, but will stay with you for many years to come



She mentions to contact her on her instagram at the end of the video — @salam @Kim 

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