Established in London in 2017, Luxury Promise, is a premium marketplace for people all over the world to buy, sell and swap authentic, pre-owned luxury items from the comfort of their own homes. We’re a young company, but long before the official registration of Luxury Promise, Sabrina, our founder, was on a mission to make pre-owned luxury accessible to everyone.


Sabrina LOVES luxury handbags. (Well, who doesn’t?) But Sabrina has studied them with a passion bordering on obsession ever since she fell in love with her first Birkin. (It was vert anis, 35, in Togo leather, but that’s a whole other amazing story, which we’ll get around to sharing with you one day.) Although she was busy pursuing a law career, Sabrina was determined to start her own collection, so she saved every penny and scoured the pre-loved market every chance she got. 

As it turned out, Sabrina’s first luxury bag wasn’t a Birkin, it was a Kelly, spotted by chance in a second hand store while on holiday. Carrying her very own Hermès felt as amazing as she’d always dreamt it would (and it had been bought at a price which felt pretty amazing, too). However, Sabrina’s love affair with her first Kelly was destined to be short-lived. During a business meeting, a client noticed Sabrina’s bag and offered to pay her double what she’d paid for it. His wife had been looking for that exact piece for months and he couldn’t quite believe that he’d spotted it on the arm of a trainee lawyer! Head overruling heart, Sabrina emptied the contents of her beloved bag and sold it on the spot. In that moment, the seed that would grow into Luxury Promise had been planted.

Sabrina recognised a life-changing opportunity when it came along and she grabbed it. She’d found her passion (it certainly wasn’t a career in law) and she realised that it could also become a thriving business. So, she studied even 

harder, building a network of contacts around the world, honing her buying skills and becoming an expert authenticator. At first she only sold to friends and family but as her reputation grew, other businesses kept asking for her help. Sabrina realised that she didn’t want to help other businesses, she wanted to start her own.  

Although Luxury Promise has evolved a lot since those early days, the idea of selling to friends and family remains integral to what we do. We’re committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive place for our global community. With us, you can shop, sell or swap authentic, pre-owned luxury items with complete confidence. We do all the hard work for you, whether that’s finding your dream bag (when no one else can), curating irresistible collections (with new drops every week) or helping you to sell or swap luxury pieces you’ve fallen out of love with. And the best part of buying pre-loved (apart from the price of course) is that it’s a sustainable and responsible choice. We’re the very opposite of fast fashion.


At Luxury Promise we adore the products we curate. We have decades of expertise in authentication and buying, but above all else, we just love what we do. We’re here to help you feel amazing. Pre-owned luxury is our passion and we want to share it with you.