Interview with Hermès Collector @mleeou

We would love to hear more about your first ever designer purchase?:
“The Louis Vuitton reporter when I was 16. As a teenager, obviously I was on a budget. The LV monogram is one of the most signature patterns, and the size of the reporter made it a very functional bag for school and for going out.”
Why did you get into collecting handbags?:
“Obviously we all love our beautiful handbags! They’re works of art that you can carry with you daily! And just like with anything collectible, there’s a subculture to collecting handbags, and it’s really enjoyable meeting new friends with who also have this addiction!”
Courtesy of @mleeeou’s 
If you had to suddenly evacuate your home which bag would be the one you take with you?:
“My mini K —- it’s so hard to score one in my local store right now.”
Here’s @mleeou’s beautiful Mini Kelly 20cm in Craie in Epsom leather with gold hardware. 
Birkin or Kelly and why?:
“I’m team B. Both bags are obviously very iconic, but I find it easier to match my outfits with a birkin.”
Courtesy of @mleeou
The bag you regret buying?:
“Mini berline? As mini K or mini halzan can replace it....“
Your top tips on buying luxury goods? How do you financially plan for your next purchase?:
“Never compare with others! Fashion is a means of expressing yourself and having fun! Obviously luxury goods have a luxury price tag, so I usually will try to think of what each piece will bring to my wardrobe. Will it fit with my style? Will it bring something new to my looks? Will the color work with the rest of my vibe? Sometimes a bag or any other item may look really nice itself, but if it turns out that it won’t seem to work into my style, then I will end up passing on it. I guess there’s really no intense planning, because my hubby loves me so much.”
Thank you @Mleeou for sharing your thoughts,
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